Lunar Phase

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“Lunar Phase” for Erhu and electronics (2018)

“Lunar Phase” is a work for Erhu (Chinese two-stringed violin) and electronics, premiered at the event called Tokyo Acousticlub vol.3 in 2018.



[Description and Score]

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The lunar phase (Phases of the Moon) means any one of the aspects or appearances presented by the moon as seen from Earth such as the new moon or the full moon. This piece was inspired by the cycle of the moon and the visual image of the glow of the full moon, the sky of the new moon, the crescent moon, and so on.

Lunar phase:
1. New Moon
2. Waxing crescent
3. First Quarter
4. Waxing gibbous
5. Full Moon
6. Waning gibbous
7. Last Quarter
8. Waning crescent


Title: “Lunar Phase”

Composer/Producer/Mixing: Hanae Azuma

Erhu: Yingzi Li

Duration: 7:37

Number of audio channels: 2

The date of premiere: April 4th, 2018

(Yingzi Li played Erhu for the premiere.)